Tuesday, July 28, 2015

All about this Kinder Teacher - Kinder Tribe Linky

My first blog post! I am so excited to bring you great content from my experiences teaching Deaf/Hard of hearing students. My goal with this blog is to share with you language-rich activities you can do with any student, iPad activities you can use at home or in your classroom to promote language, and connecting with other teachers to share ideas.

I will start by introducing myself in the best way of all: the Kinder Tribe Linky Party!

 My name is Ashleigh and this will be my 4th year teaching, but only my 2nd year teaching in kindergarten.  Prior to Kinder, I taught 4 year old Deaf/Hard of hearing students, and before that - I taught in a preschool program for children with disabilities.  

I can't live without my friends, my family, and the gym.  I love the Crossfit culture and enjoy the community that comes along with it.  

My favoite school supplies are Flair Pens, my Erin Condren Teacher Planner, and the classroom set of iPads I received through a grant!  

Since I teach kinder, I read lots of good picture books and which ones are better than Pete the Cat and the Gerald and Piggie series?  They offer so many opportunities for authentic language!

Greg, from Kindergarten Smorgasboard, is one of my favorite kinder bloggers and I was so honored that he joined me on Instagram with #passionateperiscopeteachers!  Check it out and join us!!

Finally, I love kindergarten because it is such a crucial year/age for language development and watching my students language growth is truly heart warming!  It can be tough some days - but TOTALLY worth it in the end.  Also, I have wanted to teach kindergarten since the day I decided to be a teacher.  My kindergarten teacher was the greatest teacher I ever had and I have such great memories from her class.  I want my students to remember our class like I remember my own kindergarten class.

This turned into a lengthy first post, but I was so excited to share with you!  I can't wait to connect again soon!  Before I leave, I ask that each of you tell me what content you would like to see on my blog! Leave your comments for me and I'll work to bring you what you want.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Nice looking blog. NIce to meet another Flair addict. :)
    Teaching Under the Sun

  2. Glad you finally found your way to K! My students loved Pete the Cat and the Elephant and Piggie series! So much fun to read aloud! Have a wonderful year in K!

  3. We have so many of these in common! I also love my Erin Condren planner and Flair Pens. This will be my fourth year teaching and in kindergarten and seeing the huge amount of growth in kindergarten is always amazing!

  4. I am an Erin Condren firstie this year--hope it helps me stay organized! I forgot all about Pete the Cat!!! Have a great school year!
    (Kinder Korner)

  5. I am an Erin Condren firstie this year--hope it helps me stay organized! I forgot all about Pete the Cat!!! Have a great school year!
    (Kinder Korner)

  6. Cute blog design! Congrats on your first post! I started mine not that long ago either. That's awesome that you worked with deaf/hard of hearing kiddos. I recently found out a co-worker who was in an ESE inclusion 1st grade class would teach the sight words with sign language to help some of them learn their sight words. I wish I knew how to do that!
    Little Gingergarten

  7. Yeah! Another Teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing blogger! We are few and far in between! Your blog is super cute! I tried to follow your blog on Bloglovin but it doesn't look like your blog is registered.